About Al-Qaem Institute


The Alqaem Institute is a non-profit educational organization, working to provide the best opportunity for students who want to have a deeper understanding of Islam, its philosophy and its laws in its right context and perspective, that of the school of Ahlul Bayt [as]. The method that will be used will be similar to those in the Islamic seminary in Najaf, Iraq and in Qum, Iran, the centers of Shi’i learning.

The Institute is located currently in Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

Education Plan

The educational plan of the Alqaem Institute is not parallel to the weekend Islamic schools of the regional Islamic centers, but is an Islamic Seminary Hawza level program, i.e. college level. The enrolling student must have the basic Islamic education which is provided by the regional Islamic centers, usually in the weekend schools.

The Alqaem Institute was established to provide Islamic Seminary Hawza level education, and not to challenge or to compete with any regional Islamic centers or the respected regional religious leaders. The Alqaem Institute will greatly appreciate all the support it can get from the regional religious leaders and the regional Islamic centers.

The curriculum of the Alqaem Institute has been reviewed, evaluated and approved by highly qualified scholars.

The Alqaem Institute does not require you to finish your course program within a set period of time. The modules will be available online or through mail correspondence and can be accessed and completed at the discretion of the student.

The classes will be taught by several experienced religious Scholars and teachers.